We make every attempt to adapt our program to fit the needs of the child rather than expect all children to fit into already established program


3 month to 14 months

  • Motor Skill Development — grasping, clutching, movement, rolling, crawling, walking
  • Language Development —sounds, music and reading time
  • Sensory Development — touching, feeling, listening
  • Play and Rest

Every moment with an infant is precious, and we take advantage of that. We cuddle, rock, sing and bond with your baby. Our specially designed infant care room is a place where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and a “no-shoes” policy, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our teachers begin the foundational work for cognitive learning and help infants develop motor skills. But we never forget that you are your child’s most important teacher, so we’ll work with you to develop a daily schedule, give you daily reports and offer tips on how to reinforce what your children learn in their time with us.



15 month to 2.7 years

  • Motor Skills Development — tossing, catching, walking, jumping, Baby Yoga
  • Language Development —speech development, reading time, recognizing and forming letters, storytelling
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, identifying and forming shapes, numbers, colors
  • Music and Movement — dancing, singing, outdoor play
  • Artistic Development — art and play dough projects

Toddlers are busy, little learners with lots of new things to explore. The Center’s curriculum is based on the idea that children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. So we provide them with the materials and experiences to help them understand and communicate in ways most meaningful to them.


2.9 years to 4 years

  • Motor Skills Development — outdoor group games, dancing, movement, Yoga and sport
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, identifying and forming shapes, numbers, colors
  • Language Development — recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech, finger play, writing skills
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts with various material, dramatic play, storytelling, concerts and holidays presentations
  • Social Development — large and small group activities, sharing, cooperation

Preschoolers are like sponges – they soak up knowledge. Our curriculum helps them to be ready socially, emotionally and cognitively for the next stage of their lives.

Your Child's Education and Growth in a Secure and Fulfilling Atmosphere

Our comprehensive approach to education for kids includes a wide variety of educational aims and objectives that go well beyond academic learning and encompass all facets of social and emotional development.

Well-Designed Early Childhood Education

We at Kids Club Childcare Preschool support an all-encompassing strategy for early education. Our educational programs are based on a strategized framework and are tailored to the requirements of each child. Our educational programs address every facet of growth and child development and are created and presented by competent instructors with qualifications and experience in the classroom. Our educational programs are designed with the following approach:

Individual Interests of Your Child

When kids are actively involved in their learning, it becomes more meaningful. To promote play-based learning, we use each child's unique interests. Each kid will find learning far more exciting and meaningful if their hobbies are involved in learning activities.

Participation of the Family & Feedback

We understand that a child's first instructor is their parent. We think that families and parents need to be able to participate in the growth of their children. Parent and family engagement is crucial to provide young children with the finest care and education.

Leading Approaches to Child Development

We provide an exceptional, kid-centered learning environment where kids engage in exploratory play. Our teachers use a variety of child development approaches combined for a multi-dimensional approach to child development.

A Nurturing Approach

Each kid is viewed as an individual with a specific set of requirements under our supportive and comprehensive approach to education. Instead of focusing on certain developmental domains, we consider the entire kid and how they interact with their environment. To provide a whole and all-encompassing education, we underline the relationship between the development of the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional systems.

We are aware of the significance of the first two years of life. In a secure environment with cutting-edge developmental tools and programs, our devoted educators at Kids Club Childcare love your kid. We think a baby's sense of security is inextricably related to its capacity to interact and learn. Nurturing interactions and a secure atmosphere promote each child's capacity to develop across the board. Our infant child care in Walpole program respects individual characteristics and ensures that childcare objectives and benchmarks for infants under 2 years old are adjusted to what is suitable and ideal for each child.

Social & Emotional Growth of Infants

Starting with developing positive relationships, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff at infant child care in Walpole assist infants in all facets of their social and emotional development. Babies feel secure and confident because of the caring, supporting interactions we foster.

Baby's Cognitive Development

Infant child care in Walpole provides a setting where infants develop their cognitive capacities. We emphasize involving young children in interactive and meaningful play to promote their cognitive development.

Speech & Language Development

We are aware that newborns gain a great deal from efficient communication since it is crucial to their social skill development. We promote a child's language and speech development in various ways since we know that it happens swiftly in the first two years of life. 

Physical Development of Infants

Our kind instructors at infant child care in Walpole support your baby's physical development and the stimulating environment they create. We provide a supportive and secure atmosphere for your child so they may explore their surroundings and test their physical prowess. 

Toddlers start to develop a strong sense of self, so we encourage them to explore new ideas daily. At our toddler care in Walpole, we assist our toddler's development and learning in a caring, all-encompassing manner. 

We establish a safe and secure environment that motivates kids to constantly experiment with how the world functions. Through enriching activities that help your child acquire skills appropriate for their development, our program helps toddlers broaden their horizons. Your child is encouraged to grow and develop while in our toddler care in Walpole Care through age-appropriate materials, connections, play, and communication.

Toddler's Social & Emotional Growth

Toddlers have a greater sense of self and others as they age. Toddler care in Walpole provide toddlers the encouragement and confidence they require to help them comprehend their feelings as well as the sentiments of others. Our program ensures that your kid feels safe, secure, and at ease in our learning surroundings, which aids in their understanding of emotions and how to react to them.

Cognitive Development of Toddlers

Toddlers start to become active thinkers at this age. Toddler care in Walpole cultivates a setting that supports children's capacity to learn new skills through novels, ideas, and activities. We provide your kid the tools to explore the world through play-based learning activities in reading and numeracy using realistic, practical situations.

Physical Development of Children

Toddler care in Walpole provides children with an encouraging and engaging atmosphere necessary for their ongoing physical development. By encouraging toddlers to engage in safe, but demanding physical exercise, we help them continue to grow and develop. Our program promotes health and physical welfare through physical play, offering a secure environment where kids can walk, run, climb, dance, and more.

Toddler's Language & Speech Development

At this age, language in children has already begun to develop swiftly. We encourage the development of language that goes beyond speaking and involves a deep comprehension of speech and language. In all they do, toddler care in Walpole support and encourages toddlers to use voice and language to communicate.

When developing preschool programs, we adopt a complete strategy that includes various intellectual and social growth. Preschool in Walpole thinks that teaching children a variety of transferable abilities will help them develop a solid foundation for learning that will help them succeed in school and their future endeavors.

Social & Emotional Development

Children develop emotionally in leaps and bounds with assistance and direction. Preschool in Walpole assists children in controlling their emotions and communicating honestly about their feelings so they may grow in their social and emotional competence. Our all-encompassing approach to education ensures that your kid is protected, nurtured, and prepared for school life and acquires self-control to develop comprehension and a sense of purpose.

Cognitive Growth in Young Children

Preschool in Walpole cultivates a rich atmosphere that tests and enhances the cognitive development of our preschoolers. Our children have the chance each day to broaden their horizons and acquire new abilities through curriculum-based activities that are entertaining and informative.

Physical Growth in Preschoolers

Children are still developing and honing their physical skills as they enter preschool. We provide specialized, complex experiences that let preschoolers put their skills to the test and continue growing strong.

Early Childhood Speech & Language Development

Your child's linguistic skills get considerably more sophisticated as they get older. Language is integrated into every aspect of our preschool program since it is a crucial component of official and informal education.

An accredited pre kindergarten  education is crucial for a child's general growth and development. Competent pre kindergarten in Walpole instruction is vital for your kid for several reasons.

Early Development

Children can acquire and develop critical cognitive, social, and emotional abilities at a young age with the help of a dependable pre kindergarten in Walpole. Their future academic and social success significantly impacts by this the education they receive at this crucial age.

School Readiness

Pre kindergarten in Walpole programs help children develop the skills they need to be ready for formal schooling. Children who attend pre kindergarten in Walpole are more likely to succeed academically and socially in kindergarten and beyond.


The organized atmosphere of pre kindergarten in Walpole enables children to develop critical social skills, including sharing, taking turns, and working with others. These abilities are necessary for academic and later-life success.

Language Development

Children are exposed to a rich and varied language environment at pre kindergarten in Walpole, which is essential for developing language abilities. Prekindergarten participants are likelier than nonparticipants to have stronger language abilities, including vocabulary and grammar.


Children who get a quality pre kindergarten in Walpole education develop a feeling of independence and self-assurance that they may use throughout their life. Pre kindergarten programs inspire kids to take chances, investigate novel concepts, and develop their sense of self.

Our summer program in Walpole, MA, is age-appropriate, offers a variety of activities, has qualified staff, is flexible, prioritizes safety, and maintains open communication with parents. Here are what kids can learn in our strategically designed summer program in Walpole.


Summer programs allow kids to socialize with their peers and learn social skills. Kids may learn to interact with others, work together, and make new friends.

Continued Learning

Summer programs in Walpole allow kids to learn new things and brush up on existing skills. Summer programs in Walpole offer chances to discover new interests and gain new skills.

Physical Activity

The summer program in Walpole includes physical activities like sports, swimming, and outdoor games that can improve general health and physical fitness.

Creative Expression

Art, music, and theatre activities that promote creative expression and foster children's imaginations are included in our summer program in Walpole.

Personal Development

Summer program in Walpole allows kids to become more independent, self-assured, and self-aware. They can develop their ability to make independent decisions and self-awareness.

Pre kindergarten


4 years - 5 years
  • Kindergarten Prep —  words spelling, phonics, numbers, science, math concepts, logical thinking, writing, STEAM
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling, puppets, theater, concerts
  • Social Development — interaction, cooperation, helping others
  • Physical Development — indoor and outdoor play, games, dancing, sport

Getting ready for kindergarten is exciting – and we want your child to stay excited about learning. The teachers increase the focus on math, science, language and social studies, but we make sure it is presented with a lot of fun. Our curriculum helps children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they’ll need to succeed in kindergarten.

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